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For any homeowner, you rely on your HVAC systems every single day and every single year, whether you think about it or not. From A/C units keeping your home cool in the hotter months, to furnaces keeping it warm in the colder ones, your HVAC systems are constantly working to keep your home comfortable and your utility bills low. With all that hard work going on in the background of your day to day life, you can understand how some of these systems require some effective repair services from time to time. Whether it’s a faulty electrical issue, a leak of coolant or other liquid chemical, or simply an inefficient operation that is making your utility bill skyrocket, some HVAC issues require a professional HVAC repair technician.

That’s where Comfort Rush comes in. Our team of HVAC specialists have extensive experience and knowledge regarding a variety of HVAC systems that might require a professional repair, including furnaces repair, A/C unit repair, humidifier and dehumidifier repair, HVAC electrical issues, refrigerant leaks, ductwork, and general efficiency issues. When these systems are operating every day of the week for months on end, it’s not too surprising that sometimes an issue can arise. And when those issues do arise, it can be a little jarring to lose access to that system or service that you relied on so heavily. Our team has the professionalism, experience, and skill to make sure that experience is as comfortable, simple, and affordable as possible. We are proud to provide a variety of HVAC services to Dayton and the surrounding areas in New Jersey. Keep reading to learn more about our repair services and how we can help you!

We Repair All Major Brands


HVAC issues? Comfort Rush can help

What We Repair

To get a better understanding of all the potential HVAC repairs and servicing we offer, check out the graphic below, and keep reading to see how our team of technicians can offer the HVAC repair service you need.

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Your furnace is a critical piece of HVAC equipment that heats your home. There are a few different types of furnaces that use different fuels sources and heat exchangers, but all are susceptible to breaking down eventually. If your furnace is working improperly or not at all, our team at Comfort Rush can provide the furnace repair you need.

Air Conditioning Units

Your A/C units are quite effective at providing a circulation of cool air — until they aren’t. If your A/C unit is struggling, leaking, smelling weird, or not operating properly for any reason, contact Comfort Rush to get the A/C unit service you need. Learn more about A/C unit repair and A/C unit replacement from our service pages!


The winter months bring cold temperatures as well as an extreme dryness in the air, which can do a number on your skin. So you will notice if your humidifier stops working. Don’t let the dry air damage your skin — let our team assess and provide the humidifier repair that you and your home needs!


On the other hand, damp or humid air that naturally occurs in your environment and home can lead to unpleasant smells, a lack of dry clothes, and potentially mold. When your dehumidifier stops working, contact your local dehumidifier repair specialists at Comfort Rush, and let us provide you and your home with the dry comfort it needs.

Electrical Issues

Almost all HVAC systems operate using some form of electrical connection and energy. When electrical issues arise here, it can brick your whole system, not to mention that it’s quite dangerous to try to fix yourself. Utilize your HVAC electrical experts for any HVAC electrical repairs you might need.


The air ducts in your home might not seem like your typical HVAC unit, but they still are critical to effective air circulation and HVAC system function in your home. Whether they are broken, clogged, or simply just need some good cleaning, our team of technicians can offer incredible ductwork repair and service at an affordable rate.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is the chemical that allows your HVAC systems to provide effective cooling functionality. So when it starts leaking, there are a variety of ways you might notice it. Don’t let those chemicals leak out and potentially damage your unit. Contact Comfort Rush to get the service you need when you have a refrigerant leak.

Unit Efficiency

Your HVAC units require energy to work properly, energy that you pay for. So when certain issues make them function less efficiently, you have to pay for more energy for the same results. Don’t let unit problems affect their efficiency, or the money in your wallet. Our team can assess any potential efficiency issues in your unit, and ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

Get your HVAC systems repaired and ready to go

HVAC Repair Services from Comfort Rush

Regardless of which HVAC system of yours is struggling or in need of repair, our team at Comfort Rush can provide the service you need. We repair all types of HVAC units, from dehumidifiers to furnaces to air ducts to A/C units,s and everything in between. Give us a call today and see how we can help you!