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In a world with constant access to amenities that make our lives easier and more comfortable, we rely on our appliances that provide this comfort. Whether it’s a water heater that makes a hot shower possible, or an A/C unit that provides a cool safe haven in the summer, we rely on these machines, until they stop working. And when these appliances get to the end of their functioning life span, we remember how much we need and rely on them, and how much we can’t live without them. We also need to get it replaced if we are going to keep having that reliable access.

So when your A/C unit reaches the end of it’s functioning life, you will notice. Whether it’s a crushingly hot house in the summer, or weird smells and overflowing drip pans, a busted A/C unit is something that needs to be dealt with. If your A/C unit is at the end of its time in your home, you will need to replace it with a new unit. That’s where Comfort Rush comes in. Our team of reliable HVAC technicians offer competitively priced A/C unit replacement services in South Brunswick and the surrounding areas in New Jersey. With Comfort Rush, you can get your old A/C unit replaced with a new one by experienced and dedicated HVAC professionals who are committed to serving your needs. Keep reading to learn more about when an A/C replacement might be necessary, and how Comfort Rush is here to help.

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Air Conditioning Problems That Require Replacement

Your A/C unit can take a pretty good beating over the years of usage. But after a certain period of time, or a certain kind of beating, your A/C unit will simply not work properly and will need to be replaced. Check out some of the potential problems you might encounter with your A/C unit that will require a unit replacement and how Comfort Rush can help below.

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Unit Efficiency

An important part of an effective A/C unit is cooling your home efficiently. That means both in usage of energy and the production levels from that energy. So if your A/C unit is struggling to efficiently cool your home for the amount of energy it expends, your energy bills and your wallet will take the brunt of it. Check the SEER rating on your unit, a yellow sticker that shows the unit’s energy efficiency, and if it’s below 13 (or if it’s operating like it’s below 13), then you should strongly consider a unit replacement.

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Frequent Breakdowns and Repairs

We usually like to get attached to our current appliances, whether it’s because we know where the buttons are or because we want to extend their life rather than buy a new one. But just like a car that is totalled, if your A/C unit is consistently breaking down and requiring frequent repair services, you might get to a point where it’s financially smarter to get a new unit installed, and as a result save the hassle and money that comes with consistent repairs. And Comfort Rush is here to help, whether for the A/C repairs or the replacements.

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Just like a human being, your A/C unit has a lifespan. And just like a human being, it might not operate as effective or efficiently as it gets near the end of that lifespan. If your A/C unit is over 10 years old, it will usually make sense to get it replaced if any potential issue starts to arise after that time, as A/C unit models are getting better and better every year. If your A/C unit is over 15 years, you should probably consider an A/C unit replacement regardless, a service our team at Comfort Rush can provide.

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R22 Freon Refrigerant

While you are thinking about the age of your A/C unit, consider if it was manufactured and installed before 2010. If it was, there is a chance your unit uses the refrigerant R22, also known as “Freon”. This refrigerant, as effective as it is, was banned by the Environmental Protection Agency in January 2010 due to its capability to deplete our Earth’s ozone. While it’s still available for continued operation of A/C units that still use it, it’s being phased out, and if you A/C unit runs on it, you should strongly consider an A/C unit replacement service from Comfort Rush.

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Air Conditioning Unit Repair Services with Comfort Rush

While a broken A/C unit isn’t the end of the world, it’s something you notice immediately, because the control over the temperature of your home is important. And a busted A/C unit that needs to be replaced, simply needs to be replaced, and sooner rather than later. That's where our team at Comfort Rush comes in. Our experienced HVAC professionals can provide the advice, maintenance, and service you need to get a functioning A/C unit operating in your home. Give us a call today and see how we can provide the air conditioning unit replacement service you are looking for!

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